How to Connect a Laptop to Bluetooth Speakers

Do you want to connect a laptop to Bluetooth speakers, but you do not know how? Or have you tried to connect to Bluetooth speakers and did not succeed? Go through the steps mentioned below so that you can easily connect your laptop to Bluetooth speakers. Steps to Pair a Laptop to Bluetooth Speakers on Read more about How to Connect a Laptop to Bluetooth Speakers[…]

How to use Google Maps Timeline on iPhone and iPad

With the Google Maps Timeline, you can view your Location History details. You can view the places you have visited, distance, and other information in the location History. In your Google Maps Timeline, not only you can view location history but also edit entries, delete information or all of the location History data. Although your Read more about How to use Google Maps Timeline on iPhone and iPad[…]

How To Close Open Apps In Windows 10?

The applications present in Windows 10 system enhance the experience. Different kinds of applications help users perform various tasks with ease. On the desktop, it is not too difficult to close open apps. Method A: Prefer closing apps in regular(desktop) mode Firstly, you need to use the cross (X) option of window control. You need Read more about How To Close Open Apps In Windows 10?[…]

6 Best Alternatives for DirecTV

There is no compulsion to stick to such a streaming service that isn’t serving you accordingly. Don’t think that you are alone if you are canceling the DirecTV. Here is presented a list of alternatives to DirecTV: Fubo TV It is one of the most excellent alternatives to DirecTV. There are many reasons behind it, Read more about 6 Best Alternatives for DirecTV[…]

What To Do If Outlook Doesn’t Get Started?

The presence of Outlook makes work life more manageable. Outlook handles data properly. Most of the people use it as a mail app. But it can even be used to handle our contact details and calendar. Sometimes, people are not able to open it. The correct method to solve this issue will be to update Read more about What To Do If Outlook Doesn’t Get Started?[…]

How to Turn on Offline Browsing in Mozilla Firefox

Turning the Offline mode can be done by going to the settings app in Mozilla Firefox, choosing “ Developer” and enabling “Work offline.” Offline mode feature will permit you to open the websites from your search history without connecting your system with the Internet. You can’t browse new website if your system is not connected Read more about How to Turn on Offline Browsing in Mozilla Firefox[…]

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