How to Turn on Offline Browsing in Mozilla Firefox

Turning the Offline mode can be done by going to the settings app in Mozilla Firefox, choosing “

Developer” and enabling “Work offline.” Offline mode feature will permit you to open the websites from your search history without connecting your system with the Internet.

You can’t browse new website if your system is not connected to the Internet because it will show an error in your Mozilla Firefox page. If you want to know how you can use websites in Mozilla Firefox, then you can do so by following the given steps.

Steps for Turning on Offline Mode:

•    Using Offline Mode.

 In case the Internet connection in Mozilla Firefox gets disconnected it means it is turned into Offline Mode. As working online, the Mozilla Firefox automatically save sites you had searched in the history page.

You can use these sites which are in your history list when you are not connected to Internet Connection, but new browsing on the Internet in the Offline mode cannot be possible.

In case your system is not connected to the Internet, and you want to open a new website on Firefox then it will show you an error on that page. In case your system is connecting to the Internet the reload option will appear on your screen to open that searched website.

•    Open “Firefox Settings.”

 Click the three lines symbol. This will show many options on your screen for Firefox.

•    Press the “More” button given on the pull-down menu list.

•    Turn on Offline Mode.

Choose “Work Offline” at the end of the menu list. An option will come on the right side of the menu list which shows that offline mode option is turned on. You can click on the websites from the history list.

•    Browsing cached sites.

You can go to your search history and open the sites that you had visited.

Steps for Turning off Offline Mode:

•    Go through the reason for turning off Offline Mode.

When you are in offline mode, you can’t search a new website because the system is not connected to the Internet. After connecting your system to the Internet, you can reload those websites on Mozilla Firefox. An error will show up on your screen if the system does not have any Internet Connection.

•    Unlock “Mozilla Firefox Settings” app.

Tap the three lines icon. It will give you a menu list of many options for Mozilla Firefox.

•    Go to the “Developer” menu list. Click “Developer.”

This option will show many developer tools which include “Offline mode.”

•    Turn off offline Mode.

Choose the “Work offline” tab located at the end of the given list. It will indicate that the offline mode is turned off.

•    Browse the Internet. You can search the websites which are in your search history. Now you don’t need to connect your system with the internet while exploring the sites in the history.

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