June 26, 2019

www.Norton.com/setup – Enter Norton Product Key – Norton Setup

Norton antivirus software secures your system by scanning it regularly. It instantly blocks viruses and malware will try to harm your system files. In case there is any virus and malware in your system, then the Norton antivirus immediately identifies it and notify you. You can setup Norton by visiting its official website norton.com/setup. You have to log in to the Norton account and enter the product key to activate the Norton setup.

How to Download and Install Norton Setup?


To download and install Norton setup on your device, you have to follow the steps mentioned below to do so:

  • Log in to the Norton account at www.norton.com/setup
  • In case not logged in already, then click the login button.
  • Type the email ID registered with Norton.
  • Type the protected password.
  • After that, press on the login button.
  • In case a new user, then tap on the Create an Account button.
  • Go to the Get Started webpage.
  • Press on the Download Norton option.
  • Press on the Enter a new product key option.
  • Enter the activation code.
  • After that, press the greater-than sign.
  • Press on the Agree and Download button.
  • Select a product you wish to download.
  • After that, press on the Next button to setup Norton.
  • Tap on the Load More option in case you do not get the Norton product list.
  • To download Norton setup on other devices, press Send a Download link.
  • Check I want to install my Norton product on a different device box.
  • Press on the Run button.
  • Open the User Account Control window.
  • Press on the Continue button.
  • Go through the on-screen guidelines.
  • The Norton program is successfully downloaded and installed.

How to Activate Norton Setup?


Activate the Norton setup with product key by visiting its official website and follow the steps given below to do so:

  • Open the downloaded and installed Norton setup.
  • Go to the My Norton page on norton.com/setup.
  • Click on the Device Security option.
  • After that, press on the Open button.
  • Enter the 25-digit alphanumeric activation key.
  • Press on the Activate Now button to start activating Norton setup.
  • Wait until the Norton setup gets activated.

How to Uninstall and Reinstall Norton Setup?

In case you wish to reinstall the Norton antivirus after removing it from the system, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Press the Start menu on the computer.
  2. Select the Control Panel option.
  3. Tap on the “Uninstall a program” option given in the Program’s column.
  4. Tap on the “Uninstall” option.
  5. Press on the “I plan to reinstall a Norton product” box.
  6. After that, press on the “Restart Now” button.
  7. Insert the Norton setup disk.
  8. Follow the prompts on the screen to install Norton again.

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